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Specifying Artwork from Quintessa

July 2023


by Vardit Lunzer, Managing Director

What does artwork add to an interior space?

Art gives a room gravitas. A room without artwork, be it a painting, print or wall sculpture can lack character. Artwork adds personality into any space. In my experience, specifying art can be quite a daunting task, and some interior designers shy away from it. Art is so very personal.

Selecting the right artwork for your space is paramount and pulls everything together. If the right artwork is selected for the room - it can elevate it and instantly give the room grandeur.

How do designers specify artwork from Quintessa?

Quintessa is always willing to help clients who are unsure as to what artwork they require for their projects.

Selecting artwork and working directly with our in-house designers is such an exciting journey. We are very attentive to the client’s brief to fully understand the colour palette and the aesthetic of the room. It is important to establish whether the artwork is the focal point or a subtle fill in.

Supplying mood boards assists greatly in understanding the style that our clients wish to achieve. Our experienced designers carefully follow the colouring of the room fabrics, and sometimes add a touch of glamour with metal leaf highlights. Getting the design perfect, is a journey we go on together with our clients.

Specifying artwork from Quintessa can be as easy as, sourcing designs directly from our website. Alternatively, Quintessa can design bespoke artworks from scratch. Our job is to fully appreciate the aesthetic vision of our client, and to ensure that we meet the exacting levels of design and quality that is required of us, on all projects.

Quintessa works with some of the leading interior design studios worldwide. To see some of their work, view out Inspirational Lookbooks here: