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Pebitt Handmade Textured Art

Pebitt 01: Handmade Textured Art

  • Pebitt Handmade Textured Art


Individual Pieces

Sizes & Prices

The sizes shown are approximate. Please contact us if you need very precise sizing. Prices shown below are for each piece in the set.

Custom Sizes are available for most Quintessa products.

55 x 60cm 21.5" x 23.75" (overall Measurement for Group)
65 x 75cm 25.5" x 29.5" (overall Measurement for Group)
80 x 90cm 31.5" x 35.5" (overall Measurement for Group)


Click a frame, finish or shape below, to change the image on your screen, or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Important Information

Colour: The colours of your screen may be different to the colours on our screens.
Handmade items may vary slightly each time they are made.
If you order this item we will send you a printed visual to check the colours and the design. Once you approve this printed visual we will make the pieces in accordance with the approved printed visual.
You may send us colour swatches so that we can customise the colours of this item to suit your decor.

Frames The width of frame we recommend will vary depending upon the overall size of the piece.

Finishes: Our products are handmade to order. Finishes, and brushstrokes will vary slightly each time a piece is made.

Shape: The exact design of the artwork may change with the shape.